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Shenandoah FC Elite

Mission Statement


Our mission is:
  •  To create soccer players, coaches and teams of strong character, committed to achievement on the field and within the community. We will look to provide exceptional youth soccer players with a challenging program that will offer opportunities to compete in national and international competitions, with a goal that these players will gain exposure to enhance their opportunities to further their development as student athletes at the college level.

The Shenandoah FC will achieve its mission through its soccer program:

Shenandoah FC Elite
The objective of the Shenandoah FC Elite is to provide a year-round soccer training program that will develop players to their greatest potential, focusing on top-quality instruction and exposure to the highest levels of competition. The club will form a boys team and a girls team in each of the age groups including Under-9 through Under-19. These teams will compete in premier leagues throughout the northeast and mid-Atlantic states, and will participate in highly competitive tournaments nationwide. It is our goal to offer these players optimal opportunities to gain the recognition that will enable them to achieve continued success as athletes on the countrys top collegiate teams, United States national teams, and/or professional soccer teams.

Shenandoah FC Elite 
  • Compete at the highest level, both nationally and internationally.
  • Provide a platform to give players the highest quality of training and competition.
  • Encourage players to participate on state, regional, and national teams.
With the professional coaching, competition, financial backing through scholarship funds, integration of all socio-economic levels, and the desire to succeed, the SFC hopes to develop an environment in which the soccer stars of the future will be nurtured and developed.