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Travel Soccer Program Overview

The Shenandoah FC Elite Travel soccer program is our competitive soccer program. Each age group is represented beginning with U9 through U18 boys and girls.   Due to the available talent and demand of the program, there may be multiple teams in each age group consisting of the Red & White teams. The emphasis in the Travel soccer program is on player development and the development the whole team. While winning is important, our main focus is on development. 

Players are introduced to a high level of play and coaching with training twice a week plus a one-hour Skills session every other week (U9-U18) with our professional coaches and staff. 

Shenandoah FC Elite Travel U9-U15 teams will play in  EDP (Eastern Development Program) or NCSL (National Capital Soccer League) which consists of teamsfromm other soccer clubs throughout the tri-state region and the Washington metropolitan area and even beyond. These teams also play in tournaments.

Shenandoah FC Elite teams also play in a number of tournaments throughout this area and may go out of state as well. At the end of the year (April-May), many of these teams participate in the State Cup, the EDP Open Cup, or the Presidents Cup Tournament.


The Shenandoah FC Elite travel soccer program is dedicated to developing top-rated soccer players at the highest levels of competition, and to prepare individual players for high school, collegiate, and professional competition. To accomplish these goals, we have developed a style of play that runs throughout all the teams and is reached by developing "Complete Players" in a "Elite Way" curriculum. The team practices are a combination of a competitive and fun teaching environment, based on our age-appropriate curriculum. These methods develop a players and teams ability to score goals, implement strategies, develop a competitive mentality, strengthen teamwork, and generate a passion for the game.

Four Pillars of Attack

1. We will play a positive, possession-oriented style that builds out of the back and through midfield
2. We will play with a minimum amount of touches whenever appropriate to establish a two-touch rhythm
3. We will look to exploit moments of transition as efficiently as possible
4. Our players will be free to interchange positions as a result of their movement off the ball

Four Pillars of Defending
1. We will employ high pressure and immediate chase tactics for five seconds upon losing possession
2. We will maintain a compact shape when defending
3. We will look to maintain a single extra player in our final line of defense
4. We will utilize a central screening midfielder in our defensive shape

For information regarding the Shenandoah FC Elite travel soccer program, please send an email to: [email protected]