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Vision Components


Focus on the process, have faith in the outcome - We have a vision that the right process leads to a more successful outcome.  Not only will this focus assist in our quest to compete at the highest level, but it will also help us provide a consistent and positive message to our members.  We will be value-based leaders who use our sport as a vehicle to mentor our athletes.

Bigger than one - We will build an elite legacy by creating a family environment that places emphasis on the greater good of our athletes, our teams and our overall club.  We believe that as a whole we are stronger than each of us as individuals.

Outwork everyone - Our vision includes each of our member’s commitment to outwork our past selves and our current competitors.  We must be leaders by example in the way we work, prepare and execute our vision.  Our best moments will be when we are “doing” what we talk about accomplishing. 

Professional Environment - The components of this environment include fostering positive working relationships, open and honest communication, and common expectations on how we represent ourselves and our club. 

Trust in the parts - We will build an elite legacy when we bring our individual traits to the table every day.  It is the trust we have in each of these parts that we will differentiate our program from all others.  Our collective and common vision can only be carried out if we honor our differences and our individuality.  It is in consistency that we strive to build our legacy, not conformity.

Bridge the gap - We will come together at every level through consistency in name, artifact and vision, and we will carry out our vision through common core values, and consistency in our message.