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Shenandoah FC Elite

Juggling Milestones

Our Juggling Milestones are in place to recognize the players that have put in the extra time and hard work away from the training grounds.  Once a month SFCE players can ask to be evaluated for their age specific milestone.  Once they accomplish their milestone, their names will be placed on the Shenandoah FC Elite website and they will receive a gift marking their accomplishment.

U4 - U6 1-3 touches
U7 - U8 3-8 touches
U9 - U10 8-12 touches
U11 12-20 touches
U12 20-30 touches
U13 - U14 30-50 touches
U15 - U16 50-100 touches
U17 - U18 unlimited

U10 U12U14U15U16U17+