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Shenandoah FC Elite

Travel Fees


Shenandoah FC Elite’s travel fees are intended to cover the costs of participating in travel soccer for a full seasonal year, without the need to pay additionally for incremental offseason programs. This approach provides families with predictability and awareness without the need to constantly come up with incremental funds. For teams with professional coaches the fees incorporate seasonal training, off-season training, tournament fees, as outlined in more detail below.

Please use caution when comparing Shenandoah FC Elite's fees to other travel program costs as often those fees do not include off-season training.  

The player’s commitment is from June 2020-June 2021; families are expected to participate in and pay for this year-round program.

Shenandoah FC Elite 2020-2021 Club Fees (Full payment/10 month installment plans available)

 Shenandoah FC Elite 2020-2021 Payment Plan Information Sheet

Check back soon for 2020-2021 Player Fee information!

The Shenandoah FC Elite Travel Program Fee for the 2020/2021 Travel year includes:

  • Player Development Programs: Club Training (2 days a week), Technical Training Days (1 day a week), & Goalkeeping Training Days (1 day a week).
  • VYSA, USYSA, USSF, and US Club Soccer Fees: Registration, Player cards, insurance, and other benefits with VYSA, USYSA, US Club, and USSF
  • League Membership and Fees: Fees for each team’s league entry (except for Winter leagues)
  • Referee Fees: Fees for each team’s league games and referee assignors.
  • Winter Training: All indoor and outdoor sessions (2 days a week)
  • Tournament Fees: SFC Elite covers all tournament entries. Tournaments will be decided by the club’s technical staff
  • Fields and Maintenance: SFC Elite rents the following fields and is required to maintain them:  Shenandoah University and Body Renew Fitness.
  • Club Administration Fees: Website, Online Registration, Office Supplies, Equipment, Administrative Staff, etc.
  • Coaching Salaries: All SFC Elite qualified and professional coaching staff fees are included
  • Coaching Education: SFC Elite makes coaching education a priority for all travel coaches. SFC Elite covers the majority of the cost for every coach’s coaching education.
  • Staff Fees: SFC Elite employs qualified and professional staff to direct and oversee all aspects of the travel program
  • Risk Management and Backgrounds: Security checks are performed on all SFC Elite coaches, team managers, and team registrars.

SFC Elite Fees that are not included:

  • SFC Elite Uniform Fees: All Players must purchase current SFC Elite Uniform Package (approx. $150-$200)– 3x Game Uniform (Home/Away/Tournament), 1x Tracksuit, 1x Bag
  • Coach’s Travel Expenses: All coaching travel and hotel expenses to tournaments outside a 60-mile radius.
  • Additional Programming: TBD