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SYFL League Rules

Shenandoah Youth Futsal League Rules

Revised October 2017 

Rules & Restrictions

All rules are in compliance with FIFA.



Teams are registered on a first-come, first-served basis – with current teams getting first priority. The deposit fee must accompany the registration form. Players will register on their own but must put the team’s name in the comment section on the registration form.

A deposit will be refunded only if a team is not offered a position in the season requested and does not wish to remain on the waiting list for the next available season.



All Leagues are 8 games – Each game is 2 x 22 minute halves. There will be a No Show Fee of $20 charged to any team who does not speak directly to the SYFL Director more than 48 hrs. in advance of the scheduled game.



– No outdoor cleats on courts (rubber turf shoes ok).

– Shin Guards and socks must be worn by all players.



– 5 v 5: four field players & one goalie. Co-ed teams must play two of each gender.

– Fly-in subbing. As many players as you want, whenever you want.

– Must enter at the half-line after substituted player has exited from the half-line.



– No pushing. No tripping. No Spitting. No slide tackling. No shoulder-charging.

– No sliding (except for goalie inside penalty area).

– No kicking a player or attempting to kick a player.



– No off-sides.

– No Walls. Ball is out when entire ball crosses entire line. Possession change.

– Kick-ins only. Defense must be 8 feet away and ball must be on the line.

– Kick-ins, Kick-offs and goalie throw-ins are indirect. Goalie can score with his feet.

– Corner kicks are direct.

– No delay of game by defense on kick-ins or corners.

– Kick-ins and corners must be taken within 5 seconds.

– On kick-ins, if the ball does not enter the field, then the other team is awarded the ball.



– No goal kicks. Goalie throws the ball in always. Goalie has 5 seconds.

– Goalie cannot punt the ball.

– When playing back to the goalie, the keeper can only use their feet.

– If subbing a goalie in the middle of a half, game plays on. No waiting.



– Fouls inside the penalty area are the discretion of referee. Direct kicks will result in a PK, with all players outside except goalie.

– Fouls on the field, outside the penalty areas will be indirect. All walls are 8 feet back.

– After 5 team fouls in one game, every foul thereafter will be a direct PK.

– Yellow Card equals two minutes on the bench without team substitution.

– Hard fouls or two Yellow Cards equals a Red Card and immediate expulsion from court area with no team substitution.

– 1 Red Card equals immediate ban from next match.

– 2 Red Cards in one season will result in ban from remainder of season. Further action may be taken by Beaverton Soccer/Futsal.

– If you hit the ceiling, it counts as a team foul and the other team receives the ball at the half line.

– If the ball hits the ceiling by mutual player contact, the referee will issue a drop ball at the half line.



– Scoring for High School games will be capped at a 7 goal spread. U-6 thru U-14 will be capped at a 5 goal spread.



Individuals are expected to play under control within the rules of the game, and to the best of their ability, avoid causing injury to themselves and other persons using the facility. Sportsmanship is strictly enforced in all leagues and tournaments. Players and/or teams will be suspended from further participation in league play or tournaments if they receive poor ratings.



Shenandoah Youth Futsal League would like to reaffirm that referees appointed to officiate each game have complete authority, and that his/her decisions on points of fact connected with the game are final.



Shenandoah Youth Futsal League reserves the right to make the necessary changes within league divisions to insure an equal level of ability and competition.


Youth Leagues

For safety reasons, only players and coaches are allowed in the player boxes during league games. Teams may receive a 2-minute bench penalty for violation of this rule.



Teams with the minimum number of players to start shall take the field when signaled to do so by the referee. Failure to comply will result in a two-minute penalty for delay of game. Teams without the minimum number of players required to start will forfeit the match.



The winning team in a forfeit has the following options:


·         Conducting a closed practice session. A referee will not be provided for practices.


·         Sharing players with the other team and scrimmaging.


·         Letting the other team pick up players that are acceptable to the winning team and acceptable to the referee for that division.



There will be a No Show Fee of $20 charged to any team who does not speak directly to the Shenandoah Youth Futsal League Director more than 48 hrs. in advance of the scheduled game



The game clock does not stop in the case of injuries.



A player or coach ejected (red-carded) in a game or scrimmage by a referee will serve a minimum 2-week or 2 game suspensions from all divisions in which the individual plays. The suspension may be longer depending on the severity of the incident and any previous red cards. The league reserves and will use the right to place any probationary period of life league play bans on red card penalties. No refunds will be given to a player receiving a red card.


An ejected player or coach must leave the facility. Anyone who refuses to leave the premises when directed to do so by the referee or facility manager shall serve an additional suspension as determined by the management.


Any player who engages in further misconduct following an ejection shall serve an additional suspension as determined by the management.



Shenandoah Youth Futsal League and Body Renew management reserves the right to terminate an individual’s participation at the facility for violation of any Shenandoah Youth Futsal League or Body Renew policy. Participation may be terminated during a game, at which time the player will be ejected. Any player who drinks alcohol prior to playing will be banned from play for a minimum of one year. Any underage person who attempts to purchase or drink alcohol in this facility will be permanently banned from all participation.



A team that leaves the field in protest will be suspended for one game and will be placed on probation for one year. Any similar action by that team will result in immediate termination of participation. In addition to the probation, the team will be required to submit a $100 “performance bond” before the team is allowed to continue participation in the league.



It is the responsibility of each player and the player’s manager or coach to be aware of the total status of their own or their player’s infractions. Failure to comply may result in further disciplinary measures which may include suspension of the player/coach and forfeiture of games played in. (This also includes the use of illegal players – those not registered properly on the team roster).


Red Cards

We take our player’s conduct very seriously. A series of blue, yellow and red cards is used to keep players under control. Blue and Yellow cards bring with it a 2 minute penalty. After receiving a yellow, another card of any color results in a red.


Red Card Policy

Each Red Card carries with it a minimum 14 day suspension, unless otherwise specified by the referee who issued the card. Each Red Card carries with it an automatic $25 reinstatement fee. Players serving a suspension are not allowed to play in ANY Shenandoah Youth Futsal League games until their full suspension is served, even on other teams that are unrelated to the incident. Length of suspension is ultimately determined by Shenandoah Youth Futsal League Management and is NOT restricted to individual teams or seasons.


When a Player Receives a Red Card

·         Players Card MUST be confiscated


·         Player MUST leave the arena (not the field, the arena)


·         Length of suspension is determined


·         Date of when the player is allowed to return is written in permanent ink on the back of their Players Card


·         Player is contacted and informed of his/her suspension


·         Players Card is placed in the referee book and returned to the player on/or after the date written on back of their Players Card


·         Player must pay a $25 reinstatement fee to return