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Benefits of Shenandoah FC Elite Futsal ID Session Program:

Direct translation: The skills taught and reinforced in futsal are embraced by many of the world's top soccer countries; including Brazil, Argentina, Portugal, Spain, Holland, and others. Soccer and futsal are complimentary of each other; helping athletes with passing & receiving technique, dribbling & creativity on the ball.

Futsal develops technical control in tight spaces. Players will utilize every surface of their feet, including the bottom to create deceptive movements and changes of direction. Just kicking the ball and chasing will ensure your team loses not only the ball but usually games. Players will learn to settle the ball rapidly, cut sharply, shield effectively, pass quickly and move into space.

The value of possession is everything. Just like in the real game of soccer, players must respect out of bounds as a potential turnover of possession.

Creativity and decision-making are paramount, as players are forced to increase their decision-making in shorter time frames. Players will learn to make decisions before the ball comes to them. Futsal compresses soccer's essential skills into a small box; it places players inside the deep practice zone, making and correcting errors, constantly generating solutions to vivid problems.

Mathematical aspect: Futsal players TOUCH THE BALL far more often than soccer players—six times more often per minute, according to a Liverpool University study. Players touching the ball 600 percent more often learn far faster, without realizing it, than they would in the vast, bouncy expanse of the outdoor game. All of the aspects listed will immediately and rapidly improve players once they move back outdoors.


3 Main Objectives Futsal Training: 


Students are incentivized to find their own creative approach to problems brought on by the game. Players develop technical, tactical abilities through physical games.


Players develop SOCCER IQ through studying the game of soccer. Players are encouraged to develop their own unique style of play. Developing their tactical intelligence – allowing players to solve problems that occur in the games.


Increase understanding of all positions on the field.

Games are structured to maximize the speed of play with quick transitions from defensive to offensive positioning.


The Soccer Stars Say...

"A lot of the moves I make originate from Futsal and to this day my ball control is pretty much a Futsal player’s ball control." -Ronaldinho Gaucho

"In Argentina, when I was a young boy, I used to play a lot of futsal. It was a really nice game that’s helped me be a great player". -Lionel Messi