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Position-Specific Training

Want to be the best player at your position on your team?

Coach Scott Bucey, John Handley High School's head varsity soccer coach,  has developed position-specific training sessions that are designed to develop the player’s tactical knowledge and technical abilities required for their position. Often within team or group sessions, players can leave feeling unsatisfied with their understanding of their role, or having lacked time to master their technical execution.  Within Coach Bucey's position-specific programs, the player will gain a greater tactical knowledge of the qualities required for their position, and gain repetitive technical practice designed for their position.

Within Coach Bucey's methodology, he feels it is vital for players to understand the tactical elements of the game. His attention is not to only challenge the players technically during these sessions, but to focus on the development of the brain, stimulating the players and challenging them to focus at all times. Within every session, he will allocate time at the start of the session focusing on awareness, & first touch qualities with cognitive challenges. This is both a physical and mental warm-up for the players.

These sessions will offer players an opportunity to improve technique, skills, and tactics related to specific positions.

The players will improve their play and understanding of their position.

Each session will include:

*Mental training
*Technical training
*Skill training
*Fitness training specific to a player position

Players will be able to learn in small groups (Limit 6 players) so that maximum learning and improvement occurs.

Gain an edge over your teammates and watch your game grow!

Position Training Sessions Offered:
*Wide Players (outside backs and wingers)
*Central Players (center midfielders and center backs)
*Forwards (strikers, wingers, and attacking center midfielders)

Cost $30.00 per session
All Mondays $270
All Tuesdays $240
All Wednesdays $240

Mondays: September 16th - November 18th
Tuesdays; September 17th -November 19th
(No Session October 22nd)
Wednesdays: September 18th - November 20th
(No Session October 30th)

For questions or to schedule your Private, Small Group or Position-Specific Training call Coach Bucey at 540-303-8504 or email him at [email protected]